Get Ready for Spring with New Patio Furniture

After a long winter, spring is right around the corner once again. As people eagerly prepare to leave their homes, where they spend much of the cold months cooped up, they want to be able to spend time outside. Bars and restaurants should make now the time to get their establishments set up with the restaurant outdoor furniture they need to give guests the chance to enjoy themselves and relax outside.

Casual establishments

Those who run a more casual restaurant, bar, or cafe, should consider investing in several aluminum chairs, such brushed aluminum stacking outdoor chairs. These chairs look casual while also being sleek and professional. The materials make them easy to clean off at the end of the night, so the restaurant can confidently use them time and again. Since they stack, they are also easy to store for the night or when the cold weather sets in once again.

Formal establishments

Those who want to offer outdoor dining in a more formal establishment may appreciate the Rush Side chair. This chair is darkly colored, helping it to appear a bit more elegant, while still being immensely durable. The aluminum used to create the chair means that it is ready to stand up to the wear and tear of the restaurant or bistro environment. The other materials will resist all kinds of weather, ensuring the chair will last for many dinners to come.

These are just two of the many options available for establishments looking to prepare their decks and patios for the warm months ahead. Those in need of new chairs to meet their customer demands should venture over to the Fashion Seating website to learn more about their offerings.

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Selecting The Right Furniture For Your Business

Creating the right atmosphere has as much to do with restaurant furniture as it does with lighting, decor and music. A Chinese restaurant with Italian style furniture just doesn’t really feel right, nor will a five star hotel outfitted with cheap, mismatched chairs and tables. Here are some of the most important considerations when selecting furniture:


Ideally, a piece of furniture is like a work of art, but like an Apple computer or an expensive suit, it must combine form with function. Look for something your customers will find comfortable.

restaurant tables


Generally you’re not looking for one specific color, but a range of colors. A more modern setting will involve blacks, grays and so on, while a more homey look will involve wood grains, leather and Earth tones.


This is more important in outdoor settings and high-traffic scenarios. Lounge furniture needs to be cushy, cafeteria chairs need to withstand hundreds of rowdy kids.


Don’t neglect to consider size when selecting furniture. A coffee shop might not need large tables, but a sit-down restaurant certainly will.


You want great furniture, first and foremost, but getting it under-budget is very important.

Finding the best furniture for your business doesn’t have to be impossible. Take a moment to consider what you need, from a strictly functional perspective, and what sort of aesthetic matches your business.

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Getting the Restaurant Ready for Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day is that time of year when everyone has a bit of Irish in them. Green shamrocks can be seen in store windows across the country and wearing green outfits comes close to a necessity. Getting in the festive spirit can be a fantastic way to celebrate with employees and draw in customers looking for a place to have some fun with friends. Here are some fun ways to get a restaurant ready for St. Patty’s Day from Fashion Seating.

restaurant furniture

Food and drink

When it comes to food and drink, green is the way to go. Green food dye is an easy way to dress up foods like mashed potatoes. Add spinach to burgers to make them a holiday special. Drinks can be topped off with shamrock or leprechaun charms and a mixed special can be perfect. Consider options with ingredients such as Irish whiskey or Creme de Menthe.


Decorating the establishment for the holidays can be relatively simple. Swap out tablecloths for green alternatives. Adding a bit of gold to the chairs can be the perfect complement. Shamrocks, leprechauns, or Irish flags can be draped in windows or on the walls. Add some classic Irish music to the background and guests and staff a like will be ready to dance.

Saint Patrick’s Day is a popular holiday, regardless of a person’s individual ancestry. Get the restaurant ready for some celebrating by following the above suggestions to get in the right spirit.

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Spring Decor for Dining

One of the most complicated aspects of restaurant design is finding affordable ways to match your décor to the seasons. Luckily, even a few simple changes can make a big impact. Keep in mind these tips for helping bring spring into your restaurant.

  • Living Décor – In springtime, there is a big focus on life and the outdoors. Bring the outdoors in with you by incorporating flowers, plants and trees in your decorating plan. It will show your guests that spring has sprung.
  • Go Lightweight – In spring, you can ditch those heavy tablecloths, platters and other items and switch to a more laid-back plan for dining. Doing this will make it look like you decorated—even if you didn’t.
  • Open the Curtains – One of the simplest ways to get a springtime feeling in any area is to open those curtains and let the sunlight (or springtime drizzle) inside. Your guests will love the open feeling and you’ll appreciate that Mother Nature helps provide natural decoration.

As you can see, even the smallest changes can help you and your guests feel like springtime has arrived. Start implementing these tips today—it will be time to highlight the warmth and vibrancy of summer before you know it!

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Table Cloth Tips for Your Restaurant Furniture

You want your restaurant, bar or diner to have a style that reflects on you as well as one that impresses your customers. Decorating is a difficult job, but rewarding—as it can attract new customers and help your business grow. One aspect of decorating you may not have considered is the tablecloth. Actually, the right tablecloth can completely change the feel and appearance of your facility. Keep these tablecloth tips in mind and find the right look for your business.

  • Change with the Seasons – Changing tablecloths in winter and summer can change the look of the entire place. Go with the seasons and prepare to wow.
  • Texture Matters – A textured cloth has a rich, feel and often holds up better to heavy restaurant use. Keep that in mind when choosing your next cloth.
  • The Layered Look – Layering a small cloth on a large can make cleanup easier and adds a touch of color and unique appearance to the room.
  • Fit – Don’t “make do” with a tablecloth that doesn’t fit. A cloth that is designed to fit will look better and be more comfortable for your guests too.

As you can see, there is more to consider when it comes to tablecloths than you may have first thought. Spend some time looking through the cloths and other pieces available from Fashion Seating and you can create the restaurant interior that will help your facility be its very best!


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Traditional Country Style Restaurant Furniture

If you are considering the purchase of décor for a restaurant, there are some very good reasons to choose traditional country style furniture. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of selecting a country style décor.

  • Country style décor conveys a message of longevity. This is important in the food service industry where many people connect longevity with good food!
  • Your décor will send a subtle message about the care you take in the preparation of your food. A country style décor relays the feeling of a home-cooked meal. Country style décor is warm and welcoming.
  • When you choose a style and décor, you want that style to last. Traditional country furnishings will never be out of date.
  • All restaurant furnishings will eventually show wear. Traditional country style furnishings tend to absorb that wear well, and it can even add to the character of those furnishings.
  • You can easily add to or replace country style furniture as needed. Vendors like Fashion Seating have inventory available that allows you to replace a single piece or an entire dining area.
  • Of course comfort should be a big concern when you select furnishings. Traditional country style furniture is designed with substance over style and is generally very comfortable.

When choosing a style for your furnishings, consider the long-lasting benefits of a traditional country style decor.

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Outfitting a Café to Give it a Distinctive European Flair

Having the right fashion seating is an essential part of creating the right atmosphere at a café. Of course the type of food served is an important consideration when choosing furniture. At Fashion Seating, we have a variety of chairs and bar stools that can give café owners that distinctive European flair they’re going for.

One iconic piece found at any self-respecting European café is the hairpin chair. The curlicue chair has a similar feel with a slightly dressier aesthetic. Another popular European piece is the X-back bentwood chair crafted from solid beech. Reinforced joints on all these chairs ensure lasting beauty and quality in a commercial setting.

What about the patio? For outdoor seating areas, cafés should offer appropriate furniture that can withstand the elements. Wicker, aluminum and steel mesh are the best, all of which are available from Fashion Seating.

In addition to chairs, café owners must provide tables for their patrons to sit at. We offer a variety of tables, including indoor wood and resin along with outdoor wrought iron and aluminum. Mixing and matching table and chair styles creates a distinctly European flair that will have customers returning again and again.

Take a look at our fashion seating selection today, available at wholesale prices to help keep overhead costs down.

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Space Planning and Flow: Tips for Restaurant Furniture Arrangement

As a restaurant owner, you are always looking for ways to enhance the experience of your customers, make your employees jobs’ easier and ultimately earn more on an average day of operation. There is one thing you can do that will help you with all of these things—improve the utilization of space and flow of your restaurant. Keep these tips in mind and reclaim your restaurant space!

  • Leave Space Between Tables – Though it can be tempting to put more tables in a space, make sure there is room for your staff to move easily between tables. Your customers will appreciate it too.
  • Consider Room Dividers – Use room dividers to easily shift space as needed. This is a great way to provide a separate space for large parties or events.
  • Sit in Every Seat – Personally sit in every seat of your restaurant to see how it feels from a customer’s perspective. You can find potential problems more easily this way.
  • Consider Booths – Booths are a great way to get the most out of your space because they have one side pressed against the wall.

These tips are only the beginning. Take advantage of the pieces you already have and purchase new furniture that helps you get the most from your space. Check out the options available from Fashion Seating today.

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Valentine’s Day Restaurant Decoration Ideas

Hearts, flowers and cupids are just a few simple tools to use when decorating a restaurant for Valentine’s Day, but there are many other options that will catch a dining guest’s attention. At least long enough to get them in the door—then romance and delicious food take over the situation.

restaurant chairs

The Classic Color Scheme

Holding on to some classics is a good idea. Creating a red, white and pink wonderland definitely sets the mood for guests in the mood for romance. Decorating tables and chairs, as well as other Fashion Seating choices, helps dining guests feel enveloped in romance.

Give Guests the Moon and the Stars

Valentine’s Day falls in the middle of winter, so couples don’t get the chance to comfortably go outside for some amorous stargazing. Adding a black backdrop with lights interspersed across it, on the ceiling and one wall, or even simply adding delicate strings of lights around the dining rom, will add an air of cozy and warm romance on a cold winter night.

Make it a Marvelous Night to Make Romance with Music

Sound design is as important as visual design, so it is important for restaurant staff working on Valentine’s Day decorations should make sure to find deeply romantic to appeal to guests.

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Winter Wonderland Restaurant Transformation

Restaurant owners and managers who want to give their guests a special treat during the holiday season can always choose to create a magical winter refuge. With so many attractive design choices to conjuring the appearance of a glistening, yet freezing, landscape into warm and cozy environment, it is a winning proposition.

With a dash of artificial snow, glass icicles, black backdrops and bright stars, restauranteurs will find it simple to bring winter indoors for guests looking for a unique dining experience.

The Design Phase

restaurant chairs

The person, or team, designing the winter wonderland needs to make sure to plan the furnishings into the mix. For example, if the regular furniture is a color that might clash with the overall design, the designer might check with a professional restaurant furniture supplier, such as Fashion Seating, to find reasonable solutions for this issue. If the plan is to make the “Winter Wonderland” theme a recurring feature for the restaurant, buying specific furnishings might work perfectly.

Some Basic Themes

Restaurant owners that have access to a patio, especially with outdoor heaters and a red and white candy cane tent, can offer dining guests a one-of-a-kind experience during a cold night out. Adding festive table cloths and napkins—featuring a winter scene—will help keep the theme in play throughout the meal. Some of the basic themes to choose include an ice skating theme, Bavarian themes with staff in Lederhosen, as well as many others that will liven up the season.

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