Finding the Right Tabletop

Fashion SeatingA solid set of tables help form the foundation of your restaurant furniture collection. Aside from the fact that it would be impossible for anyone to place down their food and eat without one, tables are one of the key components that help set the tone of your establishment. Thanks to the vast variety of tabletop options available at Fashion Seating, you can create the dining atmosphere you have been dreaming of.

Tabletops such as the Square Laminate and RP Veneer are made of the durable, sleek material you see in most pubs, hotels, diners, and just about anywhere a group of people will sit down to eat. The Laminate model comes in black, golden oak, mahogany, and walnut, giving restaurant and bar owners the creative freedom to find the perfect tabletop for their establishment. We sell various affordable aluminum tables with bases, which are ideal for smaller eateries and outdoor patios. If you need additional restaurant furniture for your waiting area or coffee shop, a glass rectangular table makes a perfect centerpiece.

No restaurant chair is complete without the perfect table to complement it, which is exactly why we offer all types of tabletops at Fashion Seating. Whether your business is big or small, your customers will keep coming back if they know you provide a great, all-purpose dining surface.

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