How To Withstand A Food Fight

restaurant chairsAh, the Cafeteria. The site of mystery meat, retired lady wrestlers as servers, and all kinds of high-school angst. Some of the craziest and most memorable scenes from film and television have been set in cafeterias. Take, for instance, the jungle documentary/teen dramedy Mean Girls. Probably one of Tina Fey's best scripts, based on self-help book Queen Bees and Wannabes, two cafeteria scenes stand out among moments from one of the most quoted teen films ever.

The first is Cady's guide to the cafeteria seating plan; and the second is her personal interpretation of a girls' argument, aptly entitled Girl World.

Check it out here:

Priceless, right? Another great example from the land of TV is a hilarious episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer entitled “Earshot.”  Among the many hazards of living in magical Sunnydale, CA is the off chance you may become a psychic and overhear a plot to kill all students during lunch. Buffy handles it, as usual, with her fiercely 90s fashion sense and a witty comeback to go with every kick.

Running a cafeteria isn’t (hopefully) as eventful as all that. But whatever the mayhem, Fashion Seating has you covered with our durable restaurant furniture and our line of restaurant chairs specifically designed to endure the high-volume rigors of cafeteria seating.

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