Modern Style with Old World Pedigree

We've talked extensively on this blog about all different kinds of restaurant chairs, their uses and advantages, but that’s certainly not all we offer. Let’s take a moment to acknowledge another little piece of furniture – the stylish, spare leather ottoman.

The ottoman was brought to Europe from Turkey in the late 18th century. In Turkey, an ottoman was the central piece of family seating, and was piled with cushions. In Europe, the ottoman was first designed as a piece of fitted furniture tha

t wrapped around three

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walls of a room. The piece evolved into a smaller version that fit into the corner of a room, although the term really came into prominence in the 19th century, used by famous descriptive authors Wilkie Collins and George Bernard Shaw in their novels The Moonstone and Pygmalion, respectively.

Also known as a footstool, a tuffet, a hassock, or even – if you’re feeling particularly self-confident – a pouffe, Ottomans can be used in other rooms besides the living room and different designs can be used in the bedroom, gaming room, family room and guest room. In terms of restaurant furniture, they would be perfect in a waiting area or a bar lounge. Come check out all our outdoor and restaurant tables, chairs, and furniture right here online at!

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