Bentwood: The Bistro Chair Par Excellence

restaurant chairBentwood chairs have much more to them than a name that sounds like a Downton Abbey butler. It is actually a process of construction, one defined by wetting wood (either by soaking or by steaming), then bending it and letting it harden into curved shapes and patterns to use in the construction of objects, as in – for instance – café chairs. In fact, when people refer to bentwood chairs, they’re usually thinking about the No. 14 bistro chair designed by Austrian Michael Thonet in 1859. Affordable and simple, it became one of the best-selling chairs ever made. The design was a response

to a demand for café-style chairs. The seat was often made of woven cane or palm, because the holes in the seat would let spilt liquid drain off the chair.

Today, you can still equip your bistro or café with durable yet stylish bentwood restaurant furniture by checking out our selection online. For instance, this appropriately named Michael Thonet sidechair, available with a number of various upholstery options to suit the mood of your restaurant, café, bar, or club. Manufactured specifically for commercial furniture use, this iconic restaurant chair is crafted in Europe of solid beech wood that features reinforced joints and overall cutting edge construction. For more information, come check us out at Fashion!

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