Freedom To Swivel

restaurant chairsWe hope you had a patriotic pot of coffee this Monday morning, because we here at Fashion Seating have fantastic deal on this Colonial swivel bar stool, available in a number of finishes including Walnut, Natural, Mahogany, Black, and Cherry.

Founding father Thomas Jefferson was the man who invented the first swivel chair, as we have reported before on this blog. He modified a Windor-style chair, incorporated top and bottom parts connected by a central iron spindle, enabling the top half, the seat, to move from side to side on casters. But what was going on this date in 1774 required a whole different kind of ingenuity. The Boston Port Act, enacted on March 25th, was the first and easiest to enforce of four acts that together were known as the Coercive Acts undertaken by the British parliament to bring the unruly citizens of Boston to heel. The other three were a new Quartering Act, the Administration of Justice Act and the Massachusetts Government Act, and together resulted in the stripping of independent governance replaced by martial law, and, of course, the Boston Tea Party.

This Colonial Bar Stool is appropriate restaurant furniture for pubs, taverns, bars, and restaurants alike, in addition to being perfect for libraries and schools. Throw your own rebellion/party with whatever liquid you choose, but know that you can furnish it with the great deals on restaurant chairs available at Fashion Seating!

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