A Stylish Sandalwood Chair For Modern Flair

restaurant chairs Here is another fine example of a chair with a clean, pleasing, modern aesthetic: the Sandalwood Mesa side chair. Stackable, durable, easy to maintain, it certainly has cache. Sandalwoods are medium-sized hemiparasitic trees, and part of the same botanical family as European mistletoe. The woods are heavy, yellow, and fine-grained, and unlike many other aromatic woods they retain their fragrance for decades, and Sandalwood is expensive enough that, unlike most trees, it is harvested by toppling the entire tree instead of sawing them down at the trunk close to ground level. This way, wood from the stump and root can also be used. Sandalwood smells somewhat like other wood scents, except it has a bright and fresh edge with few natural analogues.

Sandalwood paste is integral to Hindu rituals and ceremonies, to mark religious utensils and to decorate the icons of the deities. In sufi tradition, as well, sandalwood paste is applied on the sufi’s grave by the disciples as a mark of devotion, and sandalwood is considered to be of the padma (lotus) group and attributed to Amitabha Buddha. Sandalwood scent is believed to transform one’s desires and maintain a person’s alertness while in meditation.

This Mesa Side Chair is appropriate for nightclubs, bars and restaurants alike. This chair offers a modern contemporary look with its beautifully designed seat and chrome legs. Check out all our stunning restaurant chairs and other pieces of restaurant furniture at FashionSeating.com!

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