Cast Iron Table Bases

A number of our table bases are made of cast iron. This material has a variety of uses, from pans in your kitchen to bridges. What’s so great about cast iron? Besides being easy to mold, it’s resistant to wear and destruction by oxidation. That means long-lasting! restaurant furniture

Cast iron has been used for a long time. The earliest cast iron artifact dates back to the 5th century in China! In fifteenth-century France, artillery was made of cast iron and the English quickly started making use of cast iron for their cannons, too. As the Industrial Revolution came into full swing, cast iron was put to a variety of other purposes, such as in steam engines and cast iron bridges.

If cast iron can keep a bridge up, it must be a great material to hold up your restaurant tables! Our bases come in different sizes and shapes, such as the one featured above and a round base.

Are you looking for sturdy, resistant restaurant furniture? Take a look at to see what other quality materials we use in our products.

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