Furniture for All Professions

Not all office desks are the same. For some professions, like architects and construction project managers, the traditional desk needs a supplement.

restaurant chairs

Why is this? In the construction business, you’re dealing with building plans, and a lot of them. They’re usually very large but can be conveniently rolled up for easy transport. The standard size is about 33 inches by 37 inches. You don’t want that paper cluttering up your desk, so an additional desk, which is taller and slanted, is used especially for these plans.

Now, you don’t want to be standing the whole time if you’re editing or reviewing building plans, do you? That’s where our restaurant chairs come in! Restaurant furniture isn’t only for eating establishments. In this case, our Swivel Open Back Single Ring Bar Stool is incredibly useful! The height is perfect for a taller desk and the swivel makes it easy to edit and compare plans on a large desk. If you’re hard at work for a long time, standing can get tiring. Don’t waste energy that you could be putting into your work! Get a comfortable, practical office chair to make your work a little bit easier.

What kind of office do you work in? Take a look at our office furniture  to see if something in our collection offers the perfect solution for your professional needs.

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