Handy Hairpin Side Chairs

Hairpin Side Chair At first, many owners of restaurants and nightclubs decide on their furniture with only style in mind and completely disregard function. This results in what may have looked great online, but problems down the road for your staff. We find that one of our popular designs for restaurant chairs, the Hairpin Side Chair, has a few qualities that make it stand out not only aesthetically, but for day to day operations as well.

Featuring an elegant, open-back frame with reinforced joints, the Hairpin weighs in at a mere ten pounds. Your employees, and customers too, will thank you when rearranging your floor set up without hurting their backs. For dynamic environments, such as nightclubs, where the furniture arrangement has to fit to the needs of the event, you will be as adaptable as you can with these chairs. In addition, the width of the seat is a comfortable yet unimposing 16.1″ allowing you to make the most out of your floor space. Large chairs can look beautiful but be more of a nuisance when you need to fit in unexpected patrons to a table.

For all our restaurant tables and chairs, check out FashionSeating.com, and remember to factor in weight and width for the long run benefit of your establishment.

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