Preparing for Prom

End of the school year means prom for many high school juniors and seniors. Prom isn’t your average school dance. This event includes tuxes, limos, corsages and – fancy decor.

restaurant chairs

Commercial venues need to be able to handle hundreds of students while keeping an elegant atmosphere. Long restaurant tables are perfect to fit large groups of students. As far as chairs go, our Metal Gold Banquet Bamboo Chair hits the mark. It’s classy, sturdy, and able to withstand high traffic.

Furniture for this type of event needs to be practical. With excited students dancing and bustling across the catering hall, you don’t want chairs to be easily knocked over. Weighing 17 pounds, the Metal Gold Banquet Bamboo Chair passes the test.

Comfort is important as well. After all, prom includes of a seated dinner, meaning that the chairs should be as comfortable as restaurant chairs. Plus, a night of dancing will inevitably mean some tired guests in need of a break. They’ll want a comfortable chairs when their feet need some rest!

Check out if you’re thinking of ordering tables or chairs in bulk for special events. Our furniture will prove to be durable while matching the occasion!

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