Retro Diner Decor

restaurant chair

Who doesn’t love a hearty meal at a traditional diner? The diner has been a staple of American cuisine dating back to the late 19th century. Walter Scott is credited with debuting the concept of the diner in 1872. This early prototype was just a horse-drawn wagon in which Scott made food for people who worked at night!

Diners have obviously changed a lot since then, but the premise remains. Many diners remain small and narrow, resembling the mobile restaurants that are their origins. There is always a counter in the front with stools and on the sides, booths. Today, our image of a diner is almost always based on those from the 1950s. Metallic silver and red are the classic colors of the diner, with checkered floors also forming an integral part of the aesthetic.

If you’re looking for the perfect furniture, including restaurant chairs, for your diner, Fashion Seating has them. Our Swivel Classic 1950’s bar stool will take you back in time and bring the traditional diner ambiance to your establishment. This chair is perfect to pull up to the counter for a delicious milkshake. If you’re looking for another style of commercial furniture for your restaurant, take a look at our full collection at Fashion Seating.

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