Bringing Kids to Restaurants

How young is too young to bring your child out to eat?

That’s a tough question. It really depends on what type of restaurant it is. A lot of the time restaurants that welcome children label themselves as “family restaurants” so that you know chairs

If they’re too young to sit in a high chair by themselves, then it’s not a good idea to take them out with you. Restaurants will often provide wood high chairs like the one to the right to make it easy for parents, but if your child is not comfortable with sitting in it, it’s best to stay home.

Now, parents, be kind to the restaurant in return for their hospitality. Bring along some snacks and entertainment so that your child isn’t making a lot of noise out of hunger or boredom. Try to get in some activity before going out so that he or she doesn’t have a lot of energy built up when at a restaurant.

At Fashion Seating, we offer seating for every type of restaurant and for every member of the family! Restaurant furniture is our specialty. So if you own a family restaurant, think about getting some high chairs in addition to restaurant chairs for the older folks to make everyone feel welcome.

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