Cafe Culture and Chairs

Cafes have long been the centers of social gatherings, dating back to the 16th century! The name café comes from the French, Spanish and Portuguese name for coffee, but the accent is usually dropped now in the US. And that’s just what these establishments serve – coffee! An alternative name is coffeehouse.

restaurant chairs

Coffeehouses came to Europe from the Middle East via Turkey. The first text that describes a coffeehouse comes from the Ottoman Empire in the 17th century. Popularity quickly grew throughout Europe. The first cafe opened in England in 1652, and by 1675, there were over 3,000! It remained a place where people got together, especially for political meetings and debates.

Obviously some things about cafes have changed since then. However, they remain a place where people get together to enjoy coffee. At Fashion Seating, we have the perfect commercial furniture for your cafe. While these restaurant chairs are surely not the same as the original furniture hundreds of years ago, they definitely have the spirit! The Coffee Metal Chair is made of high quality material that will be able to withstand the high traffic of coffee connoisseurs coming to your cafe.

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