Rustic Restaurant Tables

There are a number of aesthetics that you could go for when you purchase a pine table. We’re going to talk about a popular one – the rustic farmhouse. Our Pine Table is perfect for this look!restaurant tables

Pine tables are very popular because their warm color brings a room to life and they’re easy to maintain. All you need to do is clean the surface with a piece of cloth. When you’re creating a farmhouse theme, a pine table is simplistic and reminiscent of simpler times. Dark, warm wood is central to the color palette of this aesthetic in your home furniture or restaurant tables. You should also use other natural colors, like cream or forest green.

Now that you’ve set the tone of the room, think about the smaller things. A lot of natural light is perfect for this sort of space. Accessories with industrial metals, antiques and quilts. When all of these elements are put together, you’ll feel like you’re in a rustic farmhouse!

Our pine table comes in a number of sizes so come to to see what is best for your home or commercial space. Of course, you’ll need restaurant chairs to match, so check out our great collection of chairs while you’re there!

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