Tiki Bar Style

Are you going for an exotic theme for your bar? How about a tiki bar? The first tiki bar was opened  in 1934 in a Polynesian-themed restaurant in Los Angeles. While based on the cultures of Polynesian region of the Pacific, tiki bars have become thoroughly Americanized, with one of the top resorts at Disney World being The Polynesian!aluminum chairs

What do all of these establishments have in common? The word “tiki” comes from the name of the traditional carved statues in Polynesia. Tiki bars typically feature these carvings as well as masks, torches, rum-based drinks, and bamboo. Americans have taken inspiration from Polynesian art and mythology to make these bars into fabricated icons of a life of paradise on a Pacific island. It’s just what everyone needs to feel like you’re on a relaxing getaway without going very far!

At Fashion Seating, we’ve got just the thing for your tiki bar. Take a look at these bar stools. These aluminum chairs are made to look like bamboo, so that they’ll be able to last while still maintaining an authentic look for your establishment.

If you want to see more bamboo-style restaurant chairs to add to your tiki restaurant, come to FashionSeating.com.


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