Bar Stools for Sushi Restaurants

If you want to get some buzz going about your restaurant, you need to give your customers a unique experience and give a traditional concept a twist. That’s what Yoshiaki Shiraishi did when he created the first conveyor sushi belt restaurant in 1958. This innovation came out of practicality, as he was having trouble staffing his restaurant. The idea came to him after seeing beer bottles on a conveyor belt in a brewery, and he thought that the same technology could be used in restaurants.  He eventually ended up owning 250 restaurants in Japan!

restaurant chairs

The same concept has been transferred to Japanese restaurants all over the world. Conveyor built sushi is appealing to customers who are in a hurry, others who cannot speak the language to order or those who want to be able to choose the portion of food that they eat. For others, it’s just really cool!

Usually, the conveyor belts revolve around bar seating, rather than individual tables. Fashion Seating has the perfect restaurant chairs for this seating arrangement. Check out the High Ladder Back Metal Bar Stool, featured here. Modern, sturdy and comfortable, this bar chair is perfect for specialized restaurants like these ones.

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