Valentine’s Day Restaurant Decoration Ideas

Hearts, flowers and cupids are just a few simple tools to use when decorating a restaurant for Valentine’s Day, but there are many other options that will catch a dining guest’s attention. At least long enough to get them in the door—then romance and delicious food take over the situation.

restaurant chairs

The Classic Color Scheme

Holding on to some classics is a good idea. Creating a red, white and pink wonderland definitely sets the mood for guests in the mood for romance. Decorating tables and chairs, as well as other Fashion Seating choices, helps dining guests feel enveloped in romance.

Give Guests the Moon and the Stars

Valentine’s Day falls in the middle of winter, so couples don’t get the chance to comfortably go outside for some amorous stargazing. Adding a black backdrop with lights interspersed across it, on the ceiling and one wall, or even simply adding delicate strings of lights around the dining rom, will add an air of cozy and warm romance on a cold winter night.

Make it a Marvelous Night to Make Romance with Music

Sound design is as important as visual design, so it is important for restaurant staff working on Valentine’s Day decorations should make sure to find deeply romantic to appeal to guests.

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